Tilly and the Buttons ‘Cleo’ Dress

So, February’s sewing project was the Tilly and the Buttons ‘Cleo’ Dress and I’m so pleased with how it’s turned out!!!

Cleo Dress(I look pretty demented in this photo don’t I hahaha)

I made it from one of their kits, so all the bits and bobs were gathered ready for me and I choose the Aubergine Needlecord, which is absolutely gorgeous! The instructions are so clear and easy to follow, I had no problems and it fits perfectly.

The only issue I had was trying to use my new overlocker to finish the edges – we are clearly not yet friends haha and feeling impatient to get on with my dress wasn’t the best time to be figuring it out, so I’ll get back to that another time!

I managed to persuade my sewing machine to switch back and forth between zigzag and straight stitches though (it gets stuck in zigzag for some reason, despite being set to straight stitch – super annoying!!) and used the mock-overlock foot, which actually worked very well.

I’m not quite decided on my next make – either my second Tilly and the Buttons ‘CoCo’ Dress, in black and purple with a funnel neck this time; or my first Sew Over It ‘Silk Cami’, which I downloaded the PDF for this weekend, to see how I get on with buying patterns that way.

I always trace off a pattern in my size, so that I’ve still got the original and can make it in another size, so sticking the PDF together and cutting it to my size (and having the option to reprint if I need a different size) doesn’t feel like much more work…and I can do the sticking sat in front of the tele, which has got to be better than fiddling around tracing!!


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