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#sewnwithhart – Day 28 – Reflect

I’ve not been well enough to get much sewing done the last couple of weeks, but am reflecting on how much I was able to do the first half of the month and feeling happy that I seem to be getting past my sewing blocks 😊 I spent last night sticking my Paola Turtleneck TeeΒ and Geneva Raglan TeeΒ PDFs together and am looking forward to getting started on them 😊

PDF Pattern

Sewing, sewnwithhart

#sewnwithhart – Day 27 – Fur Babies:

Our five wonderful cats 😻 Midnight (15, top left), Popeye (nearly 13, top right), Holly (about 4, middle left) and two of Holly’s ‘kittens’ Leia (3, bottom left) and Suki (3, bottom right) 😊😻

Our five cats

Sewing, sewnwithhart

#sewnwithhart – Days 22-25

It’s been a horrible, stressful week and I’m struggling a bit, so going to group these four days together.

Day 22 – Let it Go: I recently had the misfortune of dealing with an eBay seller who didn’t send the fabric (after saying they had) grr, but I’m letting it go and buying fabric from other places to make up for it 😊

Day 23 – Never Again – I don’t really have anything for this, but should maybe never doubt myself again having got myself moving and more confident with my sewing 😊

Day 24 – Coveted – I’m too scared to even buy expensive fabric, or even anything I might deem too special to use πŸ˜†

Day 25 – Stash Less: I’ve had this fabric since last Summer, with the intention of making an Agnes top, which I’ve finally started work on this week 😊

Black, grey and white floral patterned fabric

Sewing, sewnwithhart

#sewnwithhart – Days 20 & 21 – Saving Grace & Zen Moment

These two are both connected for me – Meditation & Mindfulness! Whether it be taking a few moments to calm, centre and focus on my breathing before getting back to the task at hand, or totally taking myself away to do something mindful like taking/editing photos, walking in the countryside, sitting by the sea, or even just sitting in the back garden amongst the flowers 🌸