Sewing, sewnwithhart

#sewnwithhart – Day 27 – Fur Babies:

Our five wonderful cats 😻 Midnight (15, top left), Popeye (nearly 13, top right), Holly (about 4, middle left) and two of Holly’s ‘kittens’ Leia (3, bottom left) and Suki (3, bottom right) 😊😻

Our five cats

Sewing, sewnwithhart

#sewnwithhart – Day Five – Made with Hart

I don’t make things for anyone else at the moment, as I have enough trouble finding the confidence to make for myself, but will have a think about what I could make for our local animal shelter. We got three of our five cats from there (mum and two of her kittens) a few years ago, so it’s always nice to give something back to them when we can…although I suspect the tins of cat food are more helpful 😉

This is Holly (the mum) having fusses in bed with me the other morning 🙂

Our Holly Cat