Catching up…

Oh dear, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything here hasn’t it! It’s been a busy few months one way or another and things have got away from me a bit.

I turned 40 in June and my Mum-in-Law turned 70 the same day, so we had a really lovely party for her Birthday and then we did some fun things for mine, including a trip up to London with my husband to see The Play That Goes Wrong, which was SO funny 😊 I also decided to launch an Etsy Shop in June, selling jewellery, etc that I’ve made. I’ve been putting a lot of time and energy into this and it’s a very slow process building a business of any kind, but I’m really positive that I can make a go of it 😊

It’s all been fun/positive, but I’m still struggling a bit with my health taking a dip this year, so it’s all taken rather a lot out of me. I don’t like to complain about my health, I’m eternally grateful to be so much more well than I used to be and I know a lot of people aren’t as lucky as I am, but I’m finding it extremely frustrating at the moment 😔

I also think I need to take a step back from all the jewellery/business stuff to make more time (and energy!) for sewing, as I’ve been missing it so much!! I just need to find better balance with everything in my life 😊

Soo, in that vein, I’ve been sewing again ❤️ and will try to get back to more regular blog entries, but in the meantime here’s a quick roundup!

I actually finished my Megan Nielsen Rowan Top in June and was really pleased with how it turned out – especially that v-neck!! It was rather challenging and there was much unpicking and cursing haha 🙈 but I got there in the end! The gorgeous fabric came from Sewisfaction, but I can’t see any on their website now.

I made myself another Sew Over It Silk Cami, to ease myself gently back into sewing last week and love how that’s turned out too. It seems looser than the last one, which I guess is due to the fabric being softer, but I love the way it flows 😊 Unfortunately it’s way too cold to wear it now (I’m such a chilly bean!!), but hopefully it’ll work as a layering piece and I’ll look forward to wearing it next Summer anyway 😊 The fabric was a Birthday present from my lovely Mum and came from Sew Over It, but again I can’t see any on their website now.

I’m now making myself a Megan Nielsen Kelly Skirt out of a gorgeous cross stitch denim that my Mum also got me for my Birthday. It’s from Sew Crafty Online and they still seem to have some left – I’m tempted to buy some more to make another Tilly and the Buttons Cleo Dress!! The Kelly skirt is coming together really well and I can’t wait to finish/wear it 😊

If you’d like to check out my Jewellery, etc on Etsy, my Shop is at 😊


Sew Over It Molly Top

It’s been another bumpy few weeks here one way or another and I wasn’t able to get much sewing done for a while, but I’m now getting stuck into my Rosa Shirt Dress (it’s going so much better than I expected!!!) and last week I made my Sew Over It Molly Top 😊

I’m not entirely sure about the Molly Top to be honest, I made the smallest size and still had to take it in quite a bit at the sides to get the kind of fit that I prefer and the neck is sitting a bit weird, so I might have to take the neckband off and do it again.

My Molly Top
The pattern went together fairly quickly/easily and the instructions in the Comic Relief Crafternoon Mag were pretty clear. I was puzzled by the seam allowances being left unfinished/trimmed and just pressed open though and I ended up overlocking my side seams to tidy up the mess I’d made taking it in anyway 😂

I don’t think I like the style enough to make my owl print dress from it, but I’ll have another go at the top at some point. I’ve seen some lovely Molly tops, so probably just need to pay around with it a bit and I do really like how it’s looked over a rollneck today 😊

For now I’m enjoying putting my shirt dress together though and am really pleased with how that’s going 😊


Named Clothing Paola & Geneva Tops

Things are still a little up and down here, but I’ve finally got the photos I need to write about my Named Clothing Paola and Geneva tops 😊 I used a cheap Cotton Interlock from eBay for both, just as a practice run, but I’ve actually ordered more as it feels so nice to wear.

I made the Paola Turtleneck Tee first and it’s such a lovely pattern – I wore it until it walked itself into the wash, it’s so cosy and comfortable! I had a few hitches due to sewing when tired haha which I’m including here because it actually amused me that I could be so daft 😆 First I sewed the sleeve in upside down and then I sewed the neck together the wrong way round and it had no stretch – oops!! Both mistakes were easily rectifiable with my trusty quick unpick though 😊

Sleeve sewn in the wrong way round
I added a couple of inches to the length, thanks to @amandaturner1977’s advice on Instagram and I actually think I might add another inch when I make it again. I’ll add an inch to the sleeves too as, although they’re a perfectly respectable length, I like my sleeves really long!

I also need to adjust the shoulders, as they’re finishing too far down my arm, but I think that should be fairly easy to do 😊

Shoulder seam finishing to far down arm
Next I made my Geneva Raglan Top and, again, it’s a great pattern and I lived in the top after I finished it 😊 I added a couple of inches to this one too, but will actually probably add an inch LESS next time, as it turned out rather long! The sleeves were a good length for me on this one too, with no extra added.

Geneva Top showing long length

I had to adjust the shoulder darts, due to them finishing too far down my arm and creating an odd shape, and I still couldn’t get them quite right, but they’re passable and I’m going to have a go at altering my pattern before I make it again.

Shoulder darts
Overall I’m really pleased with how both tops turned out and am looking forward to making them again 😊

Finished Paola and Geneva Tops

For now though, I’ve distracted myself with making a Tilly and the Buttons Rosa Dress for the #sewtogetherforsummer challenge being run by @sewsarahsmith, @rocco.sienna and @sewing_in_spain over on Instagram. I fancied the idea of making a shirt dress for the summer and this has given me the push I needed to have a go 😊 It’s way out of my comfort zone and I’m extremely apprehensive about the buttonholes haha 😆 but I made a partial toile yesterday and that went really well, so I’m now looking forward to getting stuck in and having a go 😊

I’ve also got plans to make a Sew Over It Molly Top (pattern from the Comic Relief Crafternoon Mag) and, if that goes well, I want to make the dress version out of some cute owlie fabric I bought recently 😊 and I also came across the Papercut Patterns Hoodie recently and am excited about making one of those too!!

So many sewing plans, so little time haha 😂

Sewing, sewnwithhart

#sewnwithhart – Day Seven – One or Many

I tend to focus on one project at a time. I’ve always got loads of ideas and patterns/fabric queuing up, but once something is cut out, I focus solely on that until I’m finished. I’m totally the opposite when it comes to knitting/crochet though – I’ve got loads of different things on the go!!

Sewing Patterns


Sew Over It Silk Cami

Brr it’s cold today! We had a little snow overnight, but nothing to get excited about and it’s all melted now. We had a very chilly walk into town earlier though and I am happy to be home in the warm with a cup of tea now!

This week I made myself a Sew Over It ‘Silk Cami’ – two makes for February already, go me haha 😉 I downloaded the PDF the other week, to see how I get on with the whole PDF thing and I actually didn’t find it a problem at all. I stuck all the pieces together while watching tv and then cut it down to my size straight away, which I found easier and less annoying than tracing off the pattern in my size.

I had intended to stick to pinning and cutting the pattern pieces out with scissors again this time, but found that quite awkward with the thicker paper and slippery material, so went back to using my rotary cutter – not ideal, but seemed the best solution. I’d love to hear other people’s opinions on the best process for cutting out though, as I just can’t seem to find a system that works well for me.

The pattern is extremely easy to follow and has helpful photos too, so I actually got all the sewing done in one afternoon (which is fast for me haha). Especially pleasing having accidentally sewn the armholes of my facing together oops haha, so wasted time unpicking that and doing it the right way! I’m not sure how I managed that, the instructions are perfectly clear, but suspect it may have something to do with being distracted by Vampire Diaries oops!!

I bought the fabric a couple of years ago (on eBay I think) when I was planning to make the Megan Dress from Love at First Stitch, but I couldn’t get the fit right at the toile stage and frustration (and my old friend fear of failure) kicked in and I never made it. In hindsight though, I think the fabric would have been too drapey for that dress and it’s worked perfectly for this top 🙂

I was a little worried about sewing with such a slippery fabric but, whilst it slipped around all over the place at the pinning stage (I lost track of how many times it slipped right off my little sewing table and onto the floor!), it wasn’t too much of a problem once I started actually sewing. This was also my first experience of ‘french seams’, which are actually very straight forward and look very nice on the inside. I shall definitely use them again!

I’m really pleased with how it turned out 🙂 I think I may need to redo the hem as it’s curling a bit, but I’ll have another go at pressing it first. For now though, I’m feeling very pleased with myself for completing my second make of the month already – just need the weather to improve before I can wear it!

Silk Cami