Named Clothing Paola & Geneva Tops

Things are still a little up and down here, but I’ve finally got the photos I need to write about my Named Clothing Paola and Geneva tops 😊 I used a cheap Cotton Interlock from eBay for both, just as a practice run, but I’ve actually ordered more as it feels so nice to wear.

I made the Paola Turtleneck Tee first and it’s such a lovely pattern – I wore it until it walked itself into the wash, it’s so cosy and comfortable! I had a few hitches due to sewing when tired haha which I’m including here because it actually amused me that I could be so daft πŸ˜† First I sewed the sleeve in upside down and then I sewed the neck together the wrong way round and it had no stretch – oops!! Both mistakes were easily rectifiable with my trusty quick unpick though 😊

Sleeve sewn in the wrong way round
I added a couple of inches to the length, thanks to @amandaturner1977’s advice on Instagram and I actually think I might add another inch when I make it again. I’ll add an inch to the sleeves too as, although they’re a perfectly respectable length, I like my sleeves really long!

I also need to adjust the shoulders, as they’re finishing too far down my arm, but I think that should be fairly easy to do 😊

Shoulder seam finishing to far down arm
Next I made my Geneva Raglan Top and, again, it’s a great pattern and I lived in the top after I finished it 😊 I added a couple of inches to this one too, but will actually probably add an inch LESS next time, as it turned out rather long! The sleeves were a good length for me on this one too, with no extra added.

Geneva Top showing long length

I had to adjust the shoulder darts, due to them finishing too far down my arm and creating an odd shape, and I still couldn’t get them quite right, but they’re passable and I’m going to have a go at altering my pattern before I make it again.

Shoulder darts
Overall I’m really pleased with how both tops turned out and am looking forward to making them again 😊

Finished Paola and Geneva Tops

For now though, I’ve distracted myself with making a Tilly and the Buttons Rosa Dress for the #sewtogetherforsummer challenge being run by @sewsarahsmith, @rocco.sienna and @sewing_in_spain over on Instagram. I fancied the idea of making a shirt dress for the summer and this has given me the push I needed to have a go 😊 It’s way out of my comfort zone and I’m extremely apprehensive about the buttonholes haha πŸ˜† but I made a partial toile yesterday and that went really well, so I’m now looking forward to getting stuck in and having a go 😊

I’ve also got plans to make a Sew Over It Molly Top (pattern from the Comic Relief Crafternoon Mag) and, if that goes well, I want to make the dress version out of some cute owlie fabric I bought recently 😊 and I also came across the Papercut Patterns Hoodie recently and am excited about making one of those too!!

So many sewing plans, so little time haha πŸ˜‚


My First Agnes Top

It’s been a rough few weeks one way or another and I’ve not had much time/energy for sewing, but I did manage to finish my first Tilly and the Buttons Agnes Top this week 😊

The neckline seems to sit a bit wide on me, with the risk of occasionally flashing a bra strap, which isn’t ideal πŸ™„ but I’m wondering if that’s down to the extremely soft/flimsy jersey I used. My neckband also turned out thinner than expected and I have no idea why haha πŸ˜‚ so perhaps that’s contributed?

The shoulders sit exactly in the right place anyway, so hopefully a thicker jersey and better neckband will resolve that issue on the next one 😊

The pattern is, as with all of Tilly’s, an absolute delight to use and the instructions are very clear. I also used her online workshop, as I bought that last summer, which was great. I found the section on attaching the neckband especially helpful, as I’d never done that before, and will definitely refer back to it when I try the gathered neckline 😊

Me in my Agnes Top

I also finally hemmed my stepdaughters Colette Mabel Skirt this week and am really pleased with how it’s turned out – not at all bad for my first attempt at adjusting a pattern 😊 and I actually managed to sew a presentable hem!!! Using Wonder Tape to get/hold it in the right place while I sewed it really helped 😊

Colette Mabel Skirt

I’m now working on my first Named Clothing Paola Top and have Geneva cut out and ready to go too 😊

Sewing, sewnwithhart

#sewnwithhart – Day 28 – Reflect

I’ve not been well enough to get much sewing done the last couple of weeks, but am reflecting on how much I was able to do the first half of the month and feeling happy that I seem to be getting past my sewing blocks 😊 I spent last night sticking my Paola Turtleneck TeeΒ and Geneva Raglan TeeΒ PDFs together and am looking forward to getting started on them 😊

PDF Pattern